Rebecca's title name
Dr. Rebecca Hall holds the position of Visiting Senior Lecturer in both the School of Performing Arts and the International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta. 

While lecturing students at the undergrad, master and doctoral level in flute, she also heads the chamber music coaching, as well as lecturing in baroque music. Her course on women in classical music was a first for Malta, as well as one of the few dedicated to the subject internationally. Dr. Hall’s commitment to celebrating diversity on the concert stage involves mandatory inclusion of BIPOC composers within the chamber music courses she leads. 

As a passionate educator, she tutors the flute section of the Malta Youth Orchestra, as well as hosting international players to work with developing musicians across Malta. Past invitees include Gareth McLearnon, Russell Itani, Matthew Featherstone, Robert Plane, Adrian Butterfield, Rachel Brown, Neil McLaren, Marina Piccinini and Peter – Lukas Graf. 

Articles by Dr. Hall have been published in the Journal of the International Institute for Baroque Studies (University of Malta), The British and Italian Flute Society magazines and the Rupert Brooke Society. 

Masterclasses and lectures by Dr. Hall have reached across the globe with in-person masterclasses across three continents and online lectures with audiences from Australia to South America.

  • Susan Kimberley, (England) Master of Arts
    (Baroque Studies)
     A professional musician and passionate educator, she immediately tuned into the interests and musical know-how of each individual in our widely-assorted group.  The enthusiasm, energy and generosity with which she shared her formidable knowledge made her lectures a delight, and she tirelessly sought to produce added-extras for us:- musicians to meet, opportunities to attend rehearsals and performances, anything and everything to build on our learning.  Inspirational!
  • Hannah Debono (Vienna, Austria).
    Erasmus Student
    Rebecca encouraged me to tell personal stories through music and since then. it feels much easier to touch people’s heart and souls by playing.
    • She made pieces much more comprehensible by offering hundreds of imaginary pictures.• She helped me embrace my weaknesses and focus on my strengths.
    • Rebecca has a very creative, respectful and heartwarming way of teaching which I still can draw from until today and even pass it on to my students.